Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Day...

What a day! I feel that I need to write a bit of "business" before I start this post...

for all those who were driving down Central Ave, Show Low, AZ around 2:40 this afternoon, Yes that was Trever and me ON the side of the road, Yes that was Tyson's (trev's little brother) truck upside down and flattened OFF the side of the road. He is doing fine, he had a bit of an accident and is up at the hospital so they can check him out, all seems well but it looks as though he's mode of transportation will only involve the two wheels of his wheel chair! (for those who don't know ty, he's been a paraplegic for almost 7 years) Poor kid. We love him and pray for him always. He was blessed today and we are thankful our Father in Heaven was mindful of him and our family.

So, it's my Birthday... Not that that really means AnYThIng, except to say thank you to my mom for having me and admitting to myself that I am yet another year older. I've always thought that it's the mother's who should be praised on the Birthday's of their children, they are the ones who really deserve the credit. So thanks mom, I think you're a swell gal and my most bestest friend.

On my Birthday, and the day before, I got to do some of my most favorite things.
Hang out with my mom and dad
Plant flowers
Visit with my grandma and her Bob
Cheer for Porter at his ball game
Drink a coke
Relax with Trev
Go see a late show with "the Ladies"
aka my mom, grandma, mom in law, and joni
Drink a coke
Talk to ALL my brothers and sisters
Have breakfast made for me
Talk to ALL my brother and sister-in-laws
Have the kitchen cleaned for me
Go to Lamell's
Drink a coke
Eat icecream in bed
oh! and drink a coke!

Here's mom and Brookers planting!

Here's Brooks after about child labor!

and this is my potting shelf I got from charlie and carol for my birthday! It's pretty sweet, and right up my alley! thanks charlie dee, I kinda think your special ; )


Kunz Family said...

Ok. I AM A ROTTEN FRIEND. I won't tell you I was up in Heber this weekend because I thought I should call you and well shows you what a GREAT friend I AM.

Ok now that all the dirty laundry is aired out. IN honor of you AND your birthday, I ran 2 miles on the mountain and about died. I thought of you EVERY step of the way. No kidding. (no offense it had nothing to do with dying)

I had at least a half batch of cookie dough, a sundae from dairy queen, did I mention 15 minutes of the AB ripper and 60 minutes of Legs and Back, and I AM SOOOOO sore.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend. What are you 30 this year? CONGRATS. Who would have thought we were soooo old. The next time you come can I treat you to Costa Vida and of course Cold Stone... or a QT, whichever, or both. LOVE YA!!!!

Laura said...

So yesterday I changed my calendar to may to make sure that your birthday was in fact the 5th...only to see that it was FOR REALS the 2nd. How bad do I suck? Especially for the crap I gave you about MY birthday....maybe its because I'm saving up all of my on time birthday wishes for next year when you turn the big 30 because I think we should have a PARTY! Because I'm not sure when we all go so freaking old....YIKES! Soon we will be REALLY REALLY old like our parents.Scary I know.

So happy birthday my sweetest cousin know that I thought about you a lot both on the right day and the wrong day....I kind of thought that I would have remembered if your birthday was really Cinco De Mayo....that would be a silly birthday. Anyway I suck but I want to come visit and maybe you could come visit we are going to bless our little dude the first Sunday in June and he is just dying to meet you...Uncle Gary could probably use your smiles too! Oh and Sean....
I will buy COKE just for you!
Happy belated my sweet Annie! Love you!

Jeni said...

You are truly one of a kind!! I smile every time I read one of your posts. It's so refreshing to know that there is good down to earth people out there in this world. I love you lots and hope your 29th birthday was wonderful!! Hope Trevor's brother is okay as well. Accidents like that make you realize how much we have to be greatful for in this life. :)

Hatch Ho Hum said...

Happy Happy Birthday Annie dear! Sorry I missed out on all that coke drinking yummy! Did you have some cherry in it? I hope you had a great day. It sounds like you did. Also sucks about Tyson. Sure love that guy though and I am so glad hes ok.

Angela said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture of Brooks!