Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Taters!

Our Tate turned five yesterday! I can't believe how fast five years can go. I know people are Always saying that, but its amazing how the days turn to weeks then months and years. The days get SO busy, sometimes I kinda forget to stop and smell the roses.
So I thought I would write a little bit about him as a four year old...
Tate is my AWESOME helper, he's quick to help with most anything (with the exception of maybe Lego's...I hate picking those up too! so can't blame the kid)
He loves to wrestle, he'll tackle anyone, anywhere!
He's an outdoors man! (wonder where he gets that from;) He loves to be outside on a bike or his quad.

Tate has a tender heart, he wakes up every morning and asks if it's a school day. We hates that Porter goes to school and leave him behind.
When he is tired, he sleeps were he falls. We'll find Tate asleep ALL over the house!
Tate thinks that whatever Porter can do, so can he. He's fearless. (scares me to death!)

He loves to build things, Lego's are his favorite toy. (mine too) regardless of how awful they are to clean up!
Tate gives the BEST kisses! Sorry ladies, we'll have to wait, these kisses are reserved for the Lewis/Porter clans for now!

He's a wildman! And he's ours! We love you Taters, and am thankful everyday and every moment you are in our little family!