Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pilgrams and Indians

Or maybe...Lewis's and Apache...Lake that is. The Lewis family broke the mold for Thanksgiving this year and took off for the lake! The family met at Apache Thursday morning (everyone except Cassi and her boys, who were missed greatly) and the feasting began. Charlie spared a turkey and cooked us crab legs and steaks for dinner, we had "snickers and cool whip salad" instead of stuffing, but maintained a bit of tradition with pumpkin pie for desert. The food was delicious, the weather ideal, and the company delightful!

We camped right at the edge of the lake so despite it being a bit chilly the boys couldn't stay out of the water, they just ran a muck! We had such a nice little holiday and am so thankful for our little family. We have been truly enjoy the pictures while i go get started on all the laundry!
Porter being a monkey

Uncle Ty and his Bit O' Buddie Brooks

At least they kept their undies on!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Many Faces of Brooks!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Tate!!!

We celebrated our Tater's birthday this week...Twice. This is one of the perks of having half your family live three hours away, unless your one of the Porter Brothers, then its 2 hours 15minutes flat! So on Wednesday we had a wee party, then on Saturday we had a bigger one. Papa HP and Grandma Reda, Papa Charlie and Grandma Carol, Matt and Courtney, Lauren, Corinne and Maddy all made it to the festivities. We had a wonderful weekend eating cake and riding the 50s.(Hee hee...didn't we Corinne...Hee hee;) Lauren's got some more pics on her blog... but here are some i have of the boy on his Birthday. Man, he's growing up too fast...I just want to hug the guy!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here are the boys all decked out in the costumes...Porter was a hunter,
Tate was a lion, and Brooks was an ear of corn!Porter kept telling everyone that he was hunting one brother and going to eat the other! Man, i truly dislike me a party pooper, but i find no fun in people trying to scare each other or my children begging door to door. But what can you do? The boys do enjoy dressing up, and i do love to see all the sweet little princesses and fairies, no, I'm not talking about Trev's costumes the last few years! Hee, hee, that was funny... anyway, enjoy the pics!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Making Memories...

The Halloween pictures will have to wait...The boys went hunting...
It was open season for the Lewis Boys this morning. Trever got drawn for a unit 27 Mule Deer tag, and today was the first day of the hunt. He had our boys up at 4 this morning heading up towards Hanagan's Meadow. They found this "beast" around 7 and Trev couldn't pass up the chance of having his boys there when he filled his tag. He's a pretty little buck, a straight 4 point and the boys couldn't be more giddy about having their first big game hunting story!
Now, for all you "non-hunters" out there... just remember the circle of life, you can even hum the song to yourselves if you have to. (Aunt Yaya) And remember, these are memories that our boys are going to tell THEIR boys. And there is nothing sweeter in life than that!