Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Years Ago Today...

It's our Brook's birthday today!He's such a laid back kid.What a cool guy we've been blessed with! Just happy to be apart of the program. He is our joy baby and we are thankful every day to have him!
My mom would wake us up on the morning of our Birthday's with, "Ten years ago today... or 25 years ago today..." how ever old we were and told us yet again the story of our birth. So this morning we woke Brooks up to, "Two years ago today, our family was blessed with yet another baby boy."
So for those of you who don't know Brooks Story here it is...

Brooks is our third son but my six pregnancy. He was a struggle to get here and a struggle to keep. I was put on bed rest when I was only seven weeks along. We had just lived through a particularly difficult miscarriage before him and I was threatening to loose him. Four weeks I sat on the couch and watched sweet friends and dear family come to our home to clean and watch the big boys. We were brought dinners and prayed for by so many. Our prayers were answered and I was able to enjoy a pretty typical rest of my pregnancy. On the 19th of April I went into labor. Marci walked me all around Walmart until finally I'd had enough. We came home and called up Trever. She was sweet enough to watch the big boys for us while we ran up to the hospital. My mom, Eda, Lauren and Morgan all headed up the hill. ( my dad was recovering from surgery and was left to recuperate at home) Trever's parents came on up to the hospital to wait it out with us. I labored all evening and through the night. He wasn't difficult to deliver, and we all just kinda hung out until finally he was ready to make his appearance. By 2:30 a.m. on April 20th we had our baby. He was healthy and happy, kinda small, but just like he is now, happy to be apart of the program. We brought him home the very same day I had him. I don't really recommend doing that, but it worked for us!

We love you Brooks! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Know you are SO loved!
Here are some pictures of the day he was born...


Angela said...

I remember coming to your house right after you brought him home and I being extremly LARGE with my twins trying to hold him. Finally giving him back to you because it hurt so bad. I can't believe it's been that long ago. 2 just sounds so old. They are NOT babies anymore?? :( He diffently is one happy boy. I don't know if I have ever heard him upset. Truly a "joy" baby huh!
Happy Happy Birthday Brooks! :)

Laura said...

I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU little Brooks! So glad for a day to celebrate your sweetness!! Tell your Mama I love her! Kisses!

Lis said...

Happy Birthday Brooks!! And where was Lis... across the stinkin' country! :( I love ya though and think of you ALL THE TIME!
PS- Just had our baby on Sunday the 19th so Brooks has a future mate/almost birthday buddy! Tried emailing, but it came back... email me your current one so we can catch up!!!

Smiley sister said...

I can't believe the stuff I don't know about you since we lost contact! Yeah for birthdays and happy babies!--Heather

Porter Family said...

Annie! Come visit us and nate can fix all the holey teeth you want!

Smiley sister said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!

Angela said...

Happy {b-lated} Birthday!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Happy {b-lated} Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Annie Lew....,
I am sorry I missed your b-day. I swore it was today. I am so glad your family was there to celebrate :) Thanks for being a good friend. I've got something in my oven for you...! It's a little late but I hope you'll enjoy it :)