Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Two double A batteries please"

Back to school!

These sweet little boys went back to school quite some time ago... we were postponed in our blogging of the happy day due to the dying of two double A batteries in the camera. Why didn't I just grab two more and replaced the dead duo, you ask? We had none, zip, zilch, nada in our humble home. After capturing these two precious snap shots it died. I then ran frantic through our house trying to find just two little batteries to revive the useless electronic, but to no avail. Every drawer came up empty, every remote a different type, every Wii control vacant.
So, what would a good mommy do? Better yet... What would Laura do? drive her little self to the closest convenient store (I would be there soon enough to buy a coke) and grab myself some AA's. But no. Not this crazy chick! I completely and totally forgot about the crisis. Until now, two weeks later and still, no back to school memories for two of the cutest and sweetest students in the known world!
So, here they are my dear loved ones! Enjoy and give praise, our Porter and Tate are loving school and Brooks and I are having a BLAST hanging out together!
I hope all your "BAck to Schools" have been smooth sailing, and yes, I purchased TWO packs of double A's ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 80th Grandma!

Can you believe my grandma is 80!!!
(that deserved three exclamation marks)
She's so vibrant and full of life, Not to mention a Newlywed! My grandma has been my bestest friend all my life. I use to beg my mom to let me go over and have a slumber party with her and my GrandBob. After pleading and pleading, she usually gave in and a meeting at "Mother Tucker's" restaurant would be arranged. (somehow that was determined to be the halfway point between our homes)
SO many of my fondest childhood memories are at my Grandma's house.We would make forts, dress up in Great Grandma's fashion jewelry, drink as much soda as we liked, get taken to Chinese food by Aunt Gayle, bug GrandBob in the shop, watch old movies together, bake cookies, ride bikes, (grandma had a three wheeler with a basket on the back two tires) and look for sea shells along the canal.
My grandma always let me sing whenever and whatever I wanted. Her house was the ONLY house I didn't get homesick at. (trust me I tried to stay at other sleepovers and never made it through the night, until I was well over eleven years old) She always made me feel like I was the favorite, even though all my siblings think they are! She use to tell me to, "Kiss her fast before her heart broke!" and then pretend to start fainting. Grandma would ask me when I was little if I would ever "grow out" of spending the night at her house, and I could never even imagine that happening. I guess I kinda did, but not really.
When Porter and Tate were still very little my family went on vacation to the beach. I decided that the boys and I would fly over and meet them in California. The night before our plane took off we stayed at Grandma and GrandBob's house so they could take us to the Airport. I loved being there. I loved sharing stories with the boys all about my childhood at Grandma's house. And early the next morning, I crept across the house to their room and crawled in between them, just like I use to so many years ago. When I was little, it didn't matter how early I got up, Grandma and GrandBob were ALWAYS awake. Grandma had her talk radio on in her earphone and GrandBob was chatting to her in the other ear. GrandBob passed away not too long after, and I hold that sweet memory in my heart. I can still hear Grandma say, "Look Bob, it's our Funny Annie!"
I love you Grandma! I love you, I love you! I hope you had a wonderful day!
Here's all the ladies at grandma's Birthday Lunch

Mom had an awesome idea of putting a scrap book together with all our Family picture's and birthday wishes. We gave the book to her at the lunch! I think she kinda liked it ;)

The "peanut" and her mommy!

The Reda and her mommy!