Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day...Shmalintine's Day

I need to confess, I need to come clean, I need to speak my mind. I HATE Valentine's Day. There I said it! Wait, I don't just hate it, I loath it. I despise it. It shadows the entire month of February. I have an involuntary physical reaction at the thought of this holiday.
Now, not to be a "Debbie Downer" about the whole idea... a bit too late... but when did we, as a society, have to be TOLD to show love for one another? When did we as loved ones become so neglectful of one another's feelings that a day was designated for us to be reminded of our affections?
I've really never had a bad Valentine's Day, although my feelings profess I must have. I think it probably stems from a lack of "romanticism". To be frank, it kinda freaks me out. If some guy, back when I was dating, showed up at my house with a crap load of flowers, took me out to an expensive dinner then to his house where rose peddles were sprinkled about, I would have had to drop kick the dude and run out screaming! If Trever showed up with some gaudy jewelery and roses that cost TWICE as much on that one day then any other day, I would force him to return the trinket and try frantically to revive our bank account.
What ever happened to being nice, just because you want to, not because you want SOME?
My most favorite Valentine's Day of ALL time was the day Trev showed up with a half gallon of Cookie Dough Ice cream and a big A coke from Circle K, just for me! That rocked! No damage was done to our financial standing, no bill to pay later, and no pressure to reciprocate. Just some good ol' fashioned kindness!
I know that there are a lot of women out there that adore the thought of Valentine's Day, and I admire them. But pity their significant other. It must be tough to be a guy who knows the pressure this day implies. Finding not only something thoughtful but romantic too! Only to have the lady, in which the gift was intended, be disappointed in its inability to live up to her unobtainable expectation?
So I say we boycott! We take back our power to be thoughtful! Forget about February 14th as the "Day of Love" and why not make it March 21st? or June 6th? Why not just be kind and thoughtful because we like the person in which we are bond in this life as well as the next?
How about a sincere expression of gratitude for the hard work that our husbands put forth in our behalf? Why not a genuine pat on the rump and a "lookin' hot babe!"
I would trade this one day of forced romance for 364 days of sweet kindness any time!

With that said... I wish you ALL a very