Saturday, December 27, 2008

All I want for Christmas...


We had a Lewis Christmas this was a BLAST! Those of you who have had the opportunity to get acquainted with my sweet father in law know that there is never a dull moment when charlie is around (or lack of food for that matter;) We were blessed with the chance to have trever's mom and dad, his brother(beau) with his wife(joni), their two children (liam and mia) and beau's friend from england (roger), as well as trever's little brother (ty) stay christmas night with us! sounds like a crew but it was a lot of fun! promise! we were also blessed to have the missionaries stop by for dinner, and santy clause himself popped in for a visit!
After the party was ever and the chickadees to bed, i got a moment to sit and take note of the feelings of gratitude that were swarming around in my heart. these sweet little children, a kind eternal companion, in laws who are dear to my heart, and a warm little home to tuck everyone into. i find myself overwhelmed at all the blessings our Father in Heaven has blessed me with. i know that i am not worthy of so much, and pray everyday to live up to all that is expected of me. i give thanks, especially this time of year, for the plenty that i have been given, and make promises in my heart to be a little better, try a little harder, be a little kinder. And take comfort in knowing Our Father in Heaven is mindful of this little family, in this little house, up here in this little town.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This year we were able to spent our Thanksday with the Porter Clan. i'm sure you all know how exited and happy this trip over the river and through the woods made this chick! i had a pretty good case of homesickness for the last couple of months, and the thought of going home made me want to start out on foot if that would get me there any sooner. please, don't get me wrong, this little town up here in the mountains is my home as well, and i will forever be grateful to that sweet hottie who stole not just my heart, but my way of living and showed me that there was more to life then a shopping mall, or better yet LAST CHANCE. i have been blessed with two homes. yet, your family is were you gain so much of your identity from. they are the ones from once you came and no matter how far you roam, or run, you can't lose the feelings of completeness, of whole, of entirety that you feel when you go home. i hope and pray that my boys feel that when they find themselves "home" from their adventures in life. i found myself basking in the similarities of my siblings and me. good and not so good... how lauren and i tilt our head to the side when we have just got done rearranging pictures on a wall. how matt and i ALWAYS have room for ice cream. eda and i twirl our hair in our fingers when we're thinking (or trying not to). dave and i are eternal optimists. thos and i are far to hard on ourselves.

these people carry with them my same baggage, my same struggles, my same strengths just in different doses. i am eternally thankful for my family. i was blessed with kind and thoughtful parents. who love me unconditionally. i am thankful.

i am so blessed with this home. i have a kind husband who is a wonderful father and a best friend. i have loving and interested in-laws who took me in and love me as their own. (sometimes better;) they are amazing people who raised their children in a home full of love. i sometimes sit and ponder all of trev's similarities. he's mother's kindness, his father's charm. he is blessed. i am thankful.