Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Pictures

Family Pictures time again!
This weekend I figured we better get some taken if we want to not freeze to death while we try to look pretty. Things are really cool down up here in the good ol' White Mountains.
Morgan and Lauren were ever so kind to drive up the hill and take them for us. We had such a good weekend with them, and I think the pictures turned out pretty dang good! You can judge for yourself though... here's a few of my favorites

I really think this one should be framed, it's the epitome of our family! Tate and Brooks were scared to death to get on this log! They have completely lost it, and what are Trever and I doing? Laughing
Some sweet boys we are blessed with!

I think this is the one! Brooks is a cheeseball, but that's him;)
Thanks Lauren, Morgan and Emery!
You guys are the best

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gender Confusion?

And so it begins...

Porter's football season is well underway, so I thought i should post some pictures of our little athlete before it was over!
Looking tough!

We had some other entertainment while the game was going on! What a LADIES MAN our Brooks is!