Wednesday, May 18, 2011

StoryTime... with Emery and Bridger Beau

"I wonder what story she will tell tonight"

"Oh! I like this one"

"I think this is the one with the dragon"

"I hope it's not too scary"

"It is! It's the one with the dragon!"

"and then what happened?"

"Stop! Pause for dramatic affect"

"this better have a good ending, toots!"

"What a story! I'm pooped..."

Good night kisses and off to bed!

LOVE you Em!

One Year Ago Today....

Our family was blessed with this kind soul.
One year ago our family was complete with the arrival of this little boy.
Our fourth and final.
Bridger Beau is our joy baby. He is such a delight.
I must admit, I have a hard time writing about the last year. I don't want to share him.
He is special to me.
My Last.
I have felt like I need to cherish every little moment.
Treasure it.
I love being a mommy.
I love being Bridger's mommy.
Happy Birthday Bridger Beau!!!
You are so loved!