Monday, July 5, 2010

All for Him

The Lewis home was rockin this weekend. We not only celebrated the Fourth, but our little boy too!
Bridger was blessed with all his sweet family to support him.
The entire Porter Clan made the trek up the hill. We pitched tents in the backyard and threw most of the hoodlums out there! Let's do the roll call, shall we?
Thos? Here.
Nat, Eda, Corinne, Maddy, Olivia, and Isabella? Here.
Dave, Jess, Daisy, Tatum, Brodee, Peyton, Lily, Daxton? Here.
Trev, Annie, Porter, Tate, Brooks, and the man of the hour, Bridger? Here.
Matt, Courtney and Kenzy? Here.
Morgan, Lauren, Emery, and the still in the oven, Paige? Here.
H.P. and Reda? Wouldn't miss it!
Beau, Joni, Liam, Mia and Kendyl? Here.
Brody, Brek, and Briston? Here.
Charlie and Carol? Here with bells on!
It was a wild and crazy weekend.
But the best part of all, even better than the fireworks, was watching our last little baby in our family get the sweetest blessing from his daddy.
I looked around the room and gave thanks for every single one of those people.
How blessed this little man is to have so many people who LOVE him.
EVERYONE of Bridger's Cousins were there on Sunday! On both side of the family. Everyone! Not very often in our lives do we get to say that...
I wanted to freeze the moment.
Catch it in a bottle.
Wrap it in a blanket.
So when the hard days come, as they always do,
I can
Drink it up,
Take it in,
and Cuddle into it.
Thank you, my fantastic family, for making the effort to be here.
I love you!
Bridger Loves you!
We love you!
Our New Family Picture

Some Rockin Men

My Rockin Man

Getting ready for his big day
The Whole Crew!
Have you ever seen such Lovely
Little People?

The Lewis Lodge...
now includes a camp ground!