Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers, You got to love em'

trever and his mom and my mom and me

Today is the day we celebrate our mommies! trever and i have been blessed with AMAZING mothers. They are both sweet, kind, loving, cheerful, wise, supportive and forgiving, just to name a few! carol raised an awesome father to our children and the best husband a girl could ask for. she is a rockin mom in law and a wonderful grandma. i give thanks for her and all she does daily for our little family, i love you mom carol!

My mom's a pretty cool chick too. She has been my biggest fan and my constant cheerleader. she is often my voice of reason, my listening ear, shoulder to cry on, my wise adviser. i am thankful i was able to be HER "joy baby", but understand that i was the recipient of her joy far more than she was of mine. she was and is my teacher of common sense, thoughtful actions and gospel principles. i thank my Father in Heaven for her, and know he blessed me SO greatly when he allowed me to be her daughter.



Morgan and Lauren said...

oh my gosh!!! i LOVE that picture of you and, love, LOVE it!! don't we have a pretty mom?

Laura said...

You gotta love em unless you are callie should be the title to your post! :) I will spare her the news that YOU are the nursery leader in Show Low she will be so jealous! Especially if you allow radom acts of violence! Seriously you those kiddos out there in the artic tundra that is Show Low are sure lucky to have YOU as a leader...truly inspired...cant blame them...I'd leave my kids to you if I died....!