Sunday, May 31, 2009


i think he just might be over me leaving him... maybe


This weekend Trever and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. Kinda crazy huh? I seriously thought the guy would've had enough of me a L..O..N..G time ago. But we're over here still kickin' and I'm eternally thankful for it.
We made plans to take a day and go for a ride. This is one of my most favorite things to do. I love the woods around where we live and Trev seems to always have a new dirt road to take me on.
The thought of having Trever to myself trapped in a confined space was just too exiting to me!
My parents made plans to come up the hill and hang out with the boys so I could have my day, but without me knowing, Trever had made some plans of his own!
He wanted to do something special for this crazy chick he is eternally bound to... so what does the guy do? He calls up Greer Lodge, were we spent our Honeymoon and books us a room! Not just any room, but the exact one we stayed in, oh so many years ago! (everything but Skeezie and the crew coming in with icecream and a visit, remember skeez ;)
Holy Hannah!
This lady was impressed! Never in all our days together has such a romantic thought ever even entered in to this man's head, LET ALONE, him act on it!
Well done lover! YOU ROCK!
I guess this is where I go on and tell about what an awesome ten years it's been for us, and it has! But it has also been, at times, tough. A good marriage, I think, isn't made of just peaches and cream. Then it would be too easy, and Nothing in life that's worth ANYTHING is easy. We've had happy times and sad times, great times and bad times, but the important part is that we had them together. And every night when I lay my head down I thank the Lord with ALL my heart that I married Trever Lewis.
We have been blessed with the opportunity to be together for all eternity, and while I'm quite sure some days that scares Trever to death, I am thankful he chose me to join him on that journey.
So, thanks babe for a rockin' tEn YEaRs!
And here's to an infinite amount of more tens!!!

Looking off the RimOur new house, I seriously want to move here! Out in the middle of no where, just two rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom. There's a stream that runs along side of it. I'm packing our stuff

Thanks mom and dad for watching our little hoodlums, it was so nice to get away, but even nicer to come home!

Friday, May 15, 2009

An Heir to the Throne

On May 14th, at 3:30ish in the morning the Porter family welcomed Daxton Lyle Porter into our eternal family!
The Porter name will live on.
Daxton is Dave and Jessica's first baby together, and SIXTH in their family! Dave has two of the sweetest little girls and jess has three rockin little peeps of her own! He's the "ours" in their "yours, mine and ours."
Here's Daxton's story...
He was actually born on his due date! go figure, jess had been trying to get him here for a solid two weeks but to no avail. Poor chick ;( But finally, her doc give her the thumbs up to be induced on the 13th... the hospital however had other ideas and made her wait all day for a room. Finally, at 4 o'clock pm a room was ready and they were on their way. And so was I. Down the mountain we flow with all my kiddos in tow! By midnight her water broke and things started to really get cookin'. By 2:30am my mom calls to wake up Yaya and me to head on down to the hospital. By the time we hit the freeway, it was too late. Daxton had roared into this life!
There's a song my dad and mom use to sing to dave, it went a little like this...
"slow down, your moving too fast,
you got to make the moment last,"
I think this little diddy will continue on with this little guy!
We love you Daxton!
Know my little buddie you are loved more than all the stars in the sky, you are valued more than the gems of the earth, you are a prince among princes, and you are all ours!
Love you buddie,
aunt annie

dave, jess and their Daxton

look at this boy!!

Sorry dude, your daddies a dork

man, your loved

don't cha just LOVE baby necks!!??

A bit of a disclaimer... it's 3:30 in the morning folks! don't mind the bedheads ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers, You got to love em'

trever and his mom and my mom and me

Today is the day we celebrate our mommies! trever and i have been blessed with AMAZING mothers. They are both sweet, kind, loving, cheerful, wise, supportive and forgiving, just to name a few! carol raised an awesome father to our children and the best husband a girl could ask for. she is a rockin mom in law and a wonderful grandma. i give thanks for her and all she does daily for our little family, i love you mom carol!

My mom's a pretty cool chick too. She has been my biggest fan and my constant cheerleader. she is often my voice of reason, my listening ear, shoulder to cry on, my wise adviser. i am thankful i was able to be HER "joy baby", but understand that i was the recipient of her joy far more than she was of mine. she was and is my teacher of common sense, thoughtful actions and gospel principles. i thank my Father in Heaven for her, and know he blessed me SO greatly when he allowed me to be her daughter.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Day...

What a day! I feel that I need to write a bit of "business" before I start this post...

for all those who were driving down Central Ave, Show Low, AZ around 2:40 this afternoon, Yes that was Trever and me ON the side of the road, Yes that was Tyson's (trev's little brother) truck upside down and flattened OFF the side of the road. He is doing fine, he had a bit of an accident and is up at the hospital so they can check him out, all seems well but it looks as though he's mode of transportation will only involve the two wheels of his wheel chair! (for those who don't know ty, he's been a paraplegic for almost 7 years) Poor kid. We love him and pray for him always. He was blessed today and we are thankful our Father in Heaven was mindful of him and our family.

So, it's my Birthday... Not that that really means AnYThIng, except to say thank you to my mom for having me and admitting to myself that I am yet another year older. I've always thought that it's the mother's who should be praised on the Birthday's of their children, they are the ones who really deserve the credit. So thanks mom, I think you're a swell gal and my most bestest friend.

On my Birthday, and the day before, I got to do some of my most favorite things.
Hang out with my mom and dad
Plant flowers
Visit with my grandma and her Bob
Cheer for Porter at his ball game
Drink a coke
Relax with Trev
Go see a late show with "the Ladies"
aka my mom, grandma, mom in law, and joni
Drink a coke
Talk to ALL my brothers and sisters
Have breakfast made for me
Talk to ALL my brother and sister-in-laws
Have the kitchen cleaned for me
Go to Lamell's
Drink a coke
Eat icecream in bed
oh! and drink a coke!

Here's mom and Brookers planting!

Here's Brooks after about child labor!

and this is my potting shelf I got from charlie and carol for my birthday! It's pretty sweet, and right up my alley! thanks charlie dee, I kinda think your special ; )