Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Feed me Seymour!"

Don't you ever wish that you could eat like this??!!
Seriously, one of these days when everyone is gone, i'm hittin'
Dairy Queen, for a blizzard the size of my head, Sonic, for a bucket of mozzarella stickes, El Cupido's for a beef burro enchilada style with green sauce, and Circle K for a jug of DIET coke. i'm going to bring it all home, lay a tarp down on the floor up stairs and watch MTV (or anyother filth i can find on) and have an evening of guttony.
hee hee
Anyone else hungry today?
i guess i am! i think that i've been starving for a good two weeks now.Not from lack of food though, i've eaten enough to sustain a village for a solid year, i think that my internal hunger gauge is stuck on empty. You know, like when you're driving on old car and you think you have plenty of gas, but then you tap on the plastic that covers the gauges and you suddenly realize that you're on empty and you've been running REALY hot for a long time now? Not that thats ever happened to High a nova...sorry dad.
i wish i could tap on my noggin and have my hunger gauge read that i'm as full as i should be. but until then i'll just have to have some self control and enjoy watching brooks eat!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a weekend...

Things were jump'n in the Lewis house this weekend! We had visitors, my mom and dad, Matt and Courtney, and grandma all piled in HP's vehicle and made the trek up to visit us. I guess it must have been someones birthday or something... (Laura kinda already spilled the beans on that one ;) I thought that was pretty cool of them all to do! Matt, Courtney, Trever and I went to dinner Friday night. While the "old" folks watched the chickadees for us. For all you new mommies out there, I'm telling you... give me a jingle and I'll watch your babies while you go have a moment with some grown ups! You will come back a better mommy. It was so nice to eat S..L..O..W..L..Y.. no one asking for more chocolate milk or interrupting the conversation. There was a really nice lady there that actually got PAID to get us drinks! We had a blast! Thanks mom, dad, and grandma for holding the fort down for us!
When we got home from dinner the Lewis' were there with ice cream cake (my favorite) Charlie decorated it...could you tell? I'm not sure if its kosher to have that picture next to the one of the temple??!! I love that guy.
Saturday morning we all got up and went to the 7 o'clock session. Carol came and watched the boys for us. Thanks SO much mom Carol! How fun was that! Trever and I hadn't gone since Brooks was born, kinda hard to do when I'm "the milk wagon". But now that he's one and eating anything you shovel into his little mouth, we ditched him! ;) By the time the session was over we were missing the little guy pretty bad and didn't even let mom stop for a coke on the way home! Now we know he can make it through and we've GOT to do better at our temple attendance! (oh! our church attendance too...Who knew it was EVERY Sunday?!)
Saturday afternoon we did our "traditional" planting of the flowers. My mom and I started planting flowers on my birthday over five years ago. I look forward to it EVERY year. It means summer is on it's way and the wind will soon be gone! Even though most years it's freezing outside and the wind is blowing the plants away! This year was no exception! We still had a blast!
The weekend rapped up with an evening of Rumicub, too much ice cream and Sunday morning waffles! And yes, Trever got me my very own hoe! Exactly what I wanted. (really!!)