Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Fish Tales

Last Saturday, Trever and Papa Charlie took
Porter and Tate to Reservation Lake to drowned a few worms.
The wind blew a million miles an hour, but the boys did awesome.
Porter caught the biggest fish, and Tate caught the most.
That kid would cast his worn out, set his rod down, run around
and bug everyone, then go back to his rod and have a fish on.
Talk about driving an older brother nuts, Porter did not like that
Tate was catching more fish than he was. He did have the big fish of
the day, so that made it a little better. Papa and Dad had a blast
with these crazy boys, and even managed to catch a few.
One of Tate's Rainbows.

Porter's fish of the day. Nice Brown.

Monday, October 4, 2010

1966 Field and Stream

Our new project...

Trev and I were able to find a screaming deal on a camper trailer. We've been looking for one for a while but haven't been able to find one that fit us just right. Until a few Sundays ago we were at Trev's parents house for dinner when he's dad told him about this little beauty down the road. We drove by it and both know we had to have it for our little family. So after a bit o' "problem solving" I managed to scrounge together the cash to buy our "Christmas Present for the Next Ten Years".
We've been working hard to spruce it up a bit and I thought I would share our progress.
So here are some pics...




Can't really say we're done. I'm not thinking we will ever been totally done. But how about we leave it with....DONE FOR NOW!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This weekend Bridger and I ran away. The "big boys " had some quality time with daddy at home. As Courtney, Lauren, and I devised a plan to dash up to Bend, Oregon, where Courtney's parents have a home and stay the weekend. The idea was contagious and before we knew it mom and Thos had jumped on the bandwagon!
We had an awesome weekend!

Here are some pics of our adventure...

we explored our road...

then, we went for a "hike"...

I know! Sexy mamma's!!! hee hee

Emery rocked the bridge! Her own personal catwalk!

then we hit Washington...

then we were asked to leave... :)

We stopped and had lunch at the base of Mt. Hood.
So Pretty!

Miss Kenzie was all work and NO fun! I kept telling her the fields can wait!

Mt. Hood... someday we will take this picture from the top!

and after a long day of play, we always had grandma to kiss us good night and send us to bed!

Thanks Wilkes mom and dad for letting us invade your little casa in the mountains! Thanks Thosy for being our chiefer, mom for being an awesome bedhog, matt and court for being our navigators (hee hee) yaya for being always willing to cuddle my ittle baby, morgan for the comic relief, and emery Jane and kenzie Sue for being such good "babysitters"!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

If I had the Time

If I had the time I would eat a better breakfast
If I had the time I would blog weekly
If I had the time I would take more pictures
If I had the time I would take a shower till the water ran cold
If I had the time I would exercise longer
If I had the time I would read a chapter of scriptures to my boys, rather than just a page
If I had the time I would then read on my own
If I had the time I would stop and smell the roses
If I had the time I would plant those roses
If I had the time I would practice the piano
If I had the time I would cuddle with my boys instead of yelling at them to go to bed
If I had the time I would Pray more
If I had the time I would pray until my knees bleed for my boys to be safe and good and healthy
If I had the time I would go back to school
If I had the time I would make awesome dinners every night and put Little Cesare's out of business
If I had the time I would bake more bread
If I had the time I would call old friends and catch up
If I had the time I would lay here and feed this baby without thinking about all the things I "should" be doing...

Monday, July 5, 2010

All for Him

The Lewis home was rockin this weekend. We not only celebrated the Fourth, but our little boy too!
Bridger was blessed with all his sweet family to support him.
The entire Porter Clan made the trek up the hill. We pitched tents in the backyard and threw most of the hoodlums out there! Let's do the roll call, shall we?
Thos? Here.
Nat, Eda, Corinne, Maddy, Olivia, and Isabella? Here.
Dave, Jess, Daisy, Tatum, Brodee, Peyton, Lily, Daxton? Here.
Trev, Annie, Porter, Tate, Brooks, and the man of the hour, Bridger? Here.
Matt, Courtney and Kenzy? Here.
Morgan, Lauren, Emery, and the still in the oven, Paige? Here.
H.P. and Reda? Wouldn't miss it!
Beau, Joni, Liam, Mia and Kendyl? Here.
Brody, Brek, and Briston? Here.
Charlie and Carol? Here with bells on!
It was a wild and crazy weekend.
But the best part of all, even better than the fireworks, was watching our last little baby in our family get the sweetest blessing from his daddy.
I looked around the room and gave thanks for every single one of those people.
How blessed this little man is to have so many people who LOVE him.
EVERYONE of Bridger's Cousins were there on Sunday! On both side of the family. Everyone! Not very often in our lives do we get to say that...
I wanted to freeze the moment.
Catch it in a bottle.
Wrap it in a blanket.
So when the hard days come, as they always do,
I can
Drink it up,
Take it in,
and Cuddle into it.
Thank you, my fantastic family, for making the effort to be here.
I love you!
Bridger Loves you!
We love you!
Our New Family Picture

Some Rockin Men

My Rockin Man

Getting ready for his big day
The Whole Crew!
Have you ever seen such Lovely
Little People?

The Lewis Lodge...
now includes a camp ground!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PorterHouse 2010

I think I found the cure for those postpartum blues...
the California Sun.
No joke.
Two weeks postpartum and what do I do?
Load up my itty bitty baby and his three brothers and we take off heading west until we could go west no farther.
The Porter Family Beach week has always been the first week in June, and we were not going to miss it... even if baby brother's "paint was still wet".
This year's destination was Oxnard, Ca.
It was absolutely lovely!
Well, from my seat on the couch looking out. I spent the vast majority of the time there in our beach house looking out at the ocean while feeding a brand new baby.
That was in no way a complaint!
I was surrounded by a multitude of my most favorite people (but not my MOST favorite one, trev stayed at home to hold the fort down) to keep me company and keep a watchful eye on my other boys.
We were taken care of so well!
Lots of helpful hands to hold our baby or take the big boys out to the water.
If Bridger was not in my arms being fed, he was being adored by his aunts and uncles, or cuddled next to Grandpa or Yaya.
We were welcomed by Lauren and Morgan to share their room. Morgan was such a good sport. The poor guy had to sleep in the same room as his nursing sister in law and her four kids! He deserves a medal in my book.
Along with hanging out on the beach, Courtney found a farm not too far from our house that you can pick your own fruit and veggies.
We ventured out to find what we could pick.
The boys LOveD it!
Bridger was left in the caring arms of grandma and grandpa. Mom insisted that I get out a bit.
We had a great time, and picked lots and lots of strawberries, that the boy devoured!
Here are some pics of the trip... thank you my sweet family for taking such good care of us!
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!
Picking would think it was Easter and they were hunting for eggs!

All the cousins! Look hard and you'll find Brooks...

Bridger's favorite beach buddie

My Beach Boys

I threatened him to not get wet, we were loading up to head home!
One last moment to take it all in...
I just LovE these little PeOpLE
Thanks mom and dad for making another beach week so awesome and making such an effort to get us there!
And thanks Thossy for getting my little family home safe and sound. You RocK!