Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I want to Remember...

The smell of monsoons.

Grandma's grilled cheese sandwiches.

The day Lauren was born, I prayed for a little sister for a LONG time!

Playing four kids lost in the forest in our backyard until Dave got too old to play with us, then it was called three kids lost in the forest!

My dad making spaghetti for dinner when my mom was @ work. (i think he only cooked it once)
The morning we woke up to hear my grandpa Porter passed away.
My mom telling me about the birds and the bees in our suburban pulling out of circle K while eating taco bell, and totally getting sick to my stomach.

All the LONG drives to Prescott to visit family, even if it was only a couple of hours.

My dad eating all my hospital food when I was there for a kidney infection in 1st grade.

Walking to Poston Pool every day in the summertime, the feeling of too much chlorine in your eyes and the hot sidewalks.

Whispering, "woo hoo" in the middle of Trev and my wedding ceremony not realizing EVERYONE could hear, but just being that exited to get to keep him forever!

Driving to Gisela in Eda's car to go cliff jumping, the AC worked better the faster you drove, it was a really hot ride.

Moving from 2nd street to Evergreen, having to find all new friends.

Rushing home from school to find Lauren waiting for me on the front lawn because she was too afraid to be in the house by herself.

Making Lauren sleep with me even when I finally got my own room because I was too afraid to be alone.
Dave driving me to school in the morning in the nova...
Matt driving me to school in the morning in the nova, that car hated me.

Getting home from dates and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream with Matt on the counter.

Running with Brittany and never getting skinny!

Rosanne's frozen yogurt.

Walking the canal with my mom, figuring out the mysteries of the universe.

Planting the garden.

Escorting Linda through the temple.

All the amazing road trips my parents took us on...the big trip back east, yellow stone, Utah and Monterrey.
The Turkey trot.

The smell of my dad early in the morning when he carryed me into my mom's bed before he left for work when I was little.

Just to name a few...