Saturday, June 12, 2010

PorterHouse 2010

I think I found the cure for those postpartum blues...
the California Sun.
No joke.
Two weeks postpartum and what do I do?
Load up my itty bitty baby and his three brothers and we take off heading west until we could go west no farther.
The Porter Family Beach week has always been the first week in June, and we were not going to miss it... even if baby brother's "paint was still wet".
This year's destination was Oxnard, Ca.
It was absolutely lovely!
Well, from my seat on the couch looking out. I spent the vast majority of the time there in our beach house looking out at the ocean while feeding a brand new baby.
That was in no way a complaint!
I was surrounded by a multitude of my most favorite people (but not my MOST favorite one, trev stayed at home to hold the fort down) to keep me company and keep a watchful eye on my other boys.
We were taken care of so well!
Lots of helpful hands to hold our baby or take the big boys out to the water.
If Bridger was not in my arms being fed, he was being adored by his aunts and uncles, or cuddled next to Grandpa or Yaya.
We were welcomed by Lauren and Morgan to share their room. Morgan was such a good sport. The poor guy had to sleep in the same room as his nursing sister in law and her four kids! He deserves a medal in my book.
Along with hanging out on the beach, Courtney found a farm not too far from our house that you can pick your own fruit and veggies.
We ventured out to find what we could pick.
The boys LOveD it!
Bridger was left in the caring arms of grandma and grandpa. Mom insisted that I get out a bit.
We had a great time, and picked lots and lots of strawberries, that the boy devoured!
Here are some pics of the trip... thank you my sweet family for taking such good care of us!
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!
Picking would think it was Easter and they were hunting for eggs!

All the cousins! Look hard and you'll find Brooks...

Bridger's favorite beach buddie

My Beach Boys

I threatened him to not get wet, we were loading up to head home!
One last moment to take it all in...
I just LovE these little PeOpLE
Thanks mom and dad for making another beach week so awesome and making such an effort to get us there!
And thanks Thossy for getting my little family home safe and sound. You RocK!