Monday, April 21, 2008

Brooks' Birthday Weekend

Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

Our little Brookers is one today...Isn't that crazy? This year has just flown by. To celebrate we went to Mesa for the weekend. We had so much fun with all the cousins! Trever helped HP pour some concrete for their new Arizona room and mom and I got to play with Tatum and Peyton while Dave and Jess went for a hike. Everyone came over that evening for dinner,except Thos. (hugged on him that morning though!) It was such a nice weekend, I just love being with those people! Sunday night we were home in time for dinner and cake with grandma Carol and papa Charlie.It's always good to get away and always nice to get home.
So for the sake of tradition...
One year ago today, we brought home our third son. Really, we brought him home, I delivered him @ 2:30am and by 5pm I told my nurses I was out of there! Brooks was our only baby that I went into natural labor with. The other boys we picked a date and got induced. With my mom and dad in the valley this was the best way to make sure they would be able to be there for it. With Brooks my dad had just underwent shoulder replacement surgery so he couldn't travel. So he missed it and we missed him! Eda got to come though, she wasn't there for the other boys, Lauren and Morgan, and my mom were all out in the waiting room. Brooks was 6lbs 15oz, the smallest of the brothers, our little runt.
Brooks was a struggle to get here. I had an exceptionally difficult miscarriage before him.Then, when we were 7 weeks along I was put on bed rest. I had such good care during those weeks...Joni came to stay with us, my grandma came up, our ward ladies brought dinner, my mom and trev's mom, Marci and April all came and scrubbed my house, and all the "mental heath" visits from sweet friends! We were all praying for this itty bitty person inside me to make it here. How grateful I am to all of you, for all your thoughts and prayers. We all fought for this little boy and I am forever thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with him!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day for all you baseball lovers in the White Mountains. And our Porter Boy was one exited little guy.He gets to do pitcher machine this year. Does that frighten ANYONE else??!! The thought of a baseball being chucked at his little noggin makes me cringe...But he's so exited! He came home from his first day of practice giddy because all his "good buddies" were on his team and Jerry his "uncle" (he's actually trev's cousin's husband, but try explaining that to a 7 year old) was his coach.
So yesterday we braved the bitter wind and freezing cold (not joking here folks, it was COLD! Isn't spring suppose to be here?) for Porter's first game. The kid did really well! He was 3 for 3 up to bat and got to score a run! The best part about it was as he's rounding 3rd he decides..."I think I'll just run Home" so he does and as he gets to home plate he thinks, "I think I'll slide." So he does! The thing is, he had already past home plate and his slide was a good 2 feet after it! Funny Kid!
He's fielding however, is something we get to practice ... the whole game he was "chasing butterflies" in right field...he plays 2 base...hee hee hee. All those boys have the attention spans of, well I guess, seven year olds! Jerry has his work cut out for him but HOW FUN! We're exited for the rest of the season and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these little boys ball players. Go Rattlers!