Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I needed a good Laugh!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Baby...

It's begun, the aches and pains, the swollen feet, the constant lower back throbbing, the inability to find a comfortable sleeping position, the continual hunger and nagging nausea, horrific heartburn and overall lack of desire to be pleasant to ANYoNe.
It's the beginning of the end, this baby is coming, and this last month will be a battle of endurance.
As I sat today at my kitchen table looking out into the field behind our house, I felt an urgency to sit and write about the little guy I'm carrying and tell him about the last nine months we've had together. Before the next few weeks clouds my memory and paints this experience a different color.
This baby has been a joy.
It has been an honor to have him as my constant companion.
Has it been an "easy" road? no.
There has been many scary moments. Many prayers in his behalf, in our behalf. He has been the topic of many heartfelt pleads. Yet through every "bump", we have been blessed.
The first few months were difficult, a test of patients. If the past is the best predictor of the future, my body should not have kept him. With every successful pregnancy, I have paid the price of an unsuccessful one.
He was my gift.
My merciful miracle.
With every movement, every hick up, every kick, I am reminded how blessed I am.
How I was not lost amongst my Father in Heaven's children. How neither was he.
So, yes. The next few weeks will be trying, the thought of delivery daunting. But I will be thankful. I will be happy to bear this burden. I will continually be grateful I have him with me,
that our family will be blessed with another sweet spirit.
Another, would be priesthood holder.
So take your time little guy, know that you are loved and looked forward to. Grow healthy and strong. Know your mommy and daddy love you. That you have brothers, grandmas and papas, aunts and uncles, many many cousins, and dear friends who all love you. Who have prayed for you and worried about you. Who you will be blessed because of, and they will be blessed by you.
We will see you soon, kiss your sweet face, and feel and recognize your spirit and know that you are ours.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fixed it!

So, our computer decided it would take an hiatus, so i haven't been able to write about our little family trip.
But after a few choice words with it, and some pondering, I fix it! And i didn't even have to call Thos crying! I'm sure he appreciates that.
So here we go...
The Lewis' (mom and dad lewis) managed to find our family Beach Tickets for Spring Brake. The boys were so stinking exited to go. Trever use to go to the same spot when he was younger, so it had a lot of awesome memories for him. He couldn't wait to show the boys.
I, on the other hand, am GREAT with child and found myself a bit...apprehensive... at the thought of driving eight hours, sleeping in a tent, on the beach, which tends to be a bit sandy, with only eight weeks left in my pregnancy.
But Trever and his parents did their very best to help me be comfortable and enjoy myself. Which I did VERY much.
We were able to take the boys to the San Diego Zoo. They LOVED it! I would highly recommend going there, even Brooks had a blast. He walked (or ran) the entire day, we didn't have anyone complain about having to walk or being bored. Which is a very BIG miracle in and of it's self.
Our campsite was right on the beach. It was BEAUTIFUL! The boys played, rode bikes, boogie boarded, ate junk food, told tall tales, and climbed every tree they could find.
Thanks Grandma and Papa Charlie!
You guys rock!!