Thursday, March 27, 2008

Porter Party Picnic Pictures

Thank you all for coming to the Picnic! I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed being together for an afternoon. We tried to count everyone that was there...we had 53 Porters there!!! That's pretty amazing. I'm truly thankful for a family who loves each other. I know that all of you had "Saturday Stuff" that you put on hold to come, so thank you for finding yourselves with us!
We sat around mom&dad's after everyone left and talked about memories that we had of some of our family gatherings as kids... There were all the FHE with the Porter boys, Micah hitting Donnie in the eye with the baseball, and waking up to the crop duster in the morning (on the rare occasion that I actually made it through the night without getting homesick ;) Then there was the bumpy road on the way to the Lane's where my dad actually caught air in our suburban and when Thos rolled their Quad! The pool parties and the Oberly's and playing in the creek at Grandma and Grandpa's. All the Porter Parties at the church in Prescott and the THOUSANDS of kringles that have been consumed. Thank you my sweet family for making my childhood a good one. I always knew that I was loved, and all of you had a part in that. I'm sure that Grandpa's pretty impressed with his little posterity, and even though my boys won't be able to have him pick them up by their ears, they will know him, because they know you. I love you all! Thanks.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Seven Years Ago Today...

I know, I can't believe it ! Our Porter Boy is SEVEN years old today. They aren't kidding when they say time flies when you're having fun. I figured I would tell you all Porter's Story, the one we tell him on his birthday every year, the boy just loves to hear about himself! So here it goes...

Seven years ago today Porter Eb Lewis came screaming into this world. We were so exited to meet him. Grandpa and grandma Porter and Lauren came up the night before I was to be induced, I was so swollen. I had been retaining a lot of fluid and my blood pressure was rising so my midwife, Wendy Hall, told me it was time to have this baby! That was music to my ears, so March 3rd was to be the day.Trever and I woke up at 6 so we could be at the hospital by 7. I remember thinking,"How do you set an alarm clock to go have a baby?" Needless to say we didn't sleep much. We got there and I had NO idea how long it sometimes takes to HAVE a child! By 10 O'clock my parents and Trever's parents were there looking at me like,"Well, is he here yet?" My brothers Thos and Dave were up on the mountain too, but they had the good sense to pass the day at Sunrise instead of the hospital. By noon Wendy had broken my water and my first "labor contractions" started. Lauren, Trever and I got in about three games of Rummy and I had enough of that. I was in pain, I didn't need Trev beating me in my favorite game of cards to add to my misery. By 2 O'clock I was ready to be done with this baby bearing stuff but after being informed that I was only a 3 and the pushing didn't start until I was a 10, and no epidural until after I was a 5, a bullet to the head was looking very tempting. Staydal was all they were offering though, after they gave me a bit of that the bullet looked even more inviting! That stuff was wicked. But by the time it wore off I was finally able to have an Epidural. And stopped pleading to Trever to shoot me ;) By 5:30 I was ready to start pushing, about that time my brothers got back from their day of boarding. After a quick assessment the decision was made that Thos would be seeing himself to the Emergency Room for a seperated shoulder. So the story goes that Annie was in the Delivery Room while Thos was in The Emergency Room. (he's always trying to still my fire;) Porter was born at 6:28pm. He weighed 7lbs 6oz. He had jet black hair and his daddy's toes. I remember looking at him trying to remember life without him, I couldn't. I loved him from the instant a laid eyes on him.The world became a BRIGHTER place! We love you Porter, thank you for choosing me to be your mom.