Sunday, May 31, 2009


This weekend Trever and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. Kinda crazy huh? I seriously thought the guy would've had enough of me a L..O..N..G time ago. But we're over here still kickin' and I'm eternally thankful for it.
We made plans to take a day and go for a ride. This is one of my most favorite things to do. I love the woods around where we live and Trev seems to always have a new dirt road to take me on.
The thought of having Trever to myself trapped in a confined space was just too exiting to me!
My parents made plans to come up the hill and hang out with the boys so I could have my day, but without me knowing, Trever had made some plans of his own!
He wanted to do something special for this crazy chick he is eternally bound to... so what does the guy do? He calls up Greer Lodge, were we spent our Honeymoon and books us a room! Not just any room, but the exact one we stayed in, oh so many years ago! (everything but Skeezie and the crew coming in with icecream and a visit, remember skeez ;)
Holy Hannah!
This lady was impressed! Never in all our days together has such a romantic thought ever even entered in to this man's head, LET ALONE, him act on it!
Well done lover! YOU ROCK!
I guess this is where I go on and tell about what an awesome ten years it's been for us, and it has! But it has also been, at times, tough. A good marriage, I think, isn't made of just peaches and cream. Then it would be too easy, and Nothing in life that's worth ANYTHING is easy. We've had happy times and sad times, great times and bad times, but the important part is that we had them together. And every night when I lay my head down I thank the Lord with ALL my heart that I married Trever Lewis.
We have been blessed with the opportunity to be together for all eternity, and while I'm quite sure some days that scares Trever to death, I am thankful he chose me to join him on that journey.
So, thanks babe for a rockin' tEn YEaRs!
And here's to an infinite amount of more tens!!!

Looking off the RimOur new house, I seriously want to move here! Out in the middle of no where, just two rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom. There's a stream that runs along side of it. I'm packing our stuff

Thanks mom and dad for watching our little hoodlums, it was so nice to get away, but even nicer to come home!


Alisha-aka skeezie said...

Oh the memories. That was the best darned ice-cream dessert ever! Congrats! I can't believe I have known you for ten years! You three sweet boys...and one big one! I hold a special spot in my heart for all of you! i love you dearly! and here's to eternity! happy Anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute! We want to be like you when we grow up! Only with two being a girl and living in Prescott not Show Low....! Sean has some sort of young mens thing in July....I was thinking of make a trip to see you so I dont get lonely......what does July look like for you?