Monday, June 22, 2009

BIG times at BIG Lake

Trever took some time off last week so we could do some camping. We had a blast up by Big Lake! We through the tent and our quads in a trailer and off we went. Mom and dad Lewis found their way up with Ty in tow, and together we drank too much coke, (oh wait that was me!) ate too much junk, (umm, me again) and laughed until our sides ached! (still me;)
This is the meadow that is just above our campsite, there's a natural spring that flows right out of the rocks!
Brooks was in heaven!

This is looking off towards Big Lake, we found some awesome quad trails

Brooks couldn't get enough of Tate's quad! He would sit on it until Tate would take him for a ride, there was a little track that ran around the campsite. They would ride around in circles for hours!

Here's grandma at her happiest! With her boys all over and around her!

We all played hard!

Thanks for the fun lover!


Jeni said...

Love it! There is nothing better than drinking massive amounts of soda and laughing until you cry. We are off to the Uintas this weekend for some camping ourselves. Good times!

Alisha-aka skeezie said...

totally makes me homesick and excited to come home next week.