Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laura comes to Visit!

I have been blessed in my life with some pretty cool chicks to look up to. One of my most favorite ones is my Laura. I say "my" for a lot of reasons... she's my cousin, my cheerleader, my shoulder, my constant, my teacher, my example, my hero, my "bosom" buddie,(that's for you sean) my twin (move over jake) my validator, my listening ear, my reminder of all things birthday, my motivator, my friend.

Needless to say, when she planned to come and visit our Lewis Lodge I was a wee bit exited about it, and not just because she was going to come "husbandless"!;) I love you mr. Smith! I was just so hungry to sit and chat with her. I wanted to eat up every word and gobble up every minute!

We had a super fun time just hanging out at our house! We had planned to do some "activities" but realized that we had more fun letting the kids play and just following, sometimes running, after them chatting our little heads off!
Trever was such a good sport, and let us just run amok!

The boys couldn't get enough of Owen, they thought he was the coolest thing since peanut butter.

Miss Callie took her place among the ranks, she was not going to be left out of left behind. AnYtIng the boys could do, ShE could do BeTTeR! I Love that girl!

thanks for the visit my sweet Laura! I hope you know how much you are loved! Kiss those babies for me and give Sean a big-O smoochjust from me! I LOVE YOU!


Laura said...

I'm LUCKY to have you....and Callie is lucky to have Trever.:) Good luck today call me after that hurtie mole gets scaped off. How about another visit in August? What do you have going the weekend of the seventh? AKA the weekend after my birthday? Lets have a party birthday/cancer or whatever :)! LOVE YOU!

Laura said...

Oh yeah someone REALLY missed you at dinner so what do you say I drag her old bones with me? Watch out....