Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Corinne and Maddy spent the weekend with us! (my parents got to come too) We were so exited to see them, the boys could hardly stand themselves. It was quite the joyous reunion when they arrived on Friday. Cousins are Home Grown friends. We had to pack a lot of memories into a VERY short amount of time...
We went and watched Porter's baseball game Friday night and hit Dairy Queen on the way home.(big surprise there) Then mom and I gave the girls pedicures...for our Mexico trip next week.YAY!!! We can hardly wait to get there! Then it was off to bed. Funny story though, Corinne was SO exited to get her own room to sleep in, Maddy and Porter slept upstairs on the couches with grandma and grandpa in the front room. But Corinne would have nothing to do with that, she wanted to sleep down stairs in "Uncle Matt's room" (that's what the boys call the front room downstairs) all by herself. That chick's not afraid of anything! I MADE Lauren sleep with me until I moved away to marry Trev, I hate the dark.
We woke up early Saturday and Trever, Corinne, Brooks and I went to pick up a load of concrete for our backyard.So we ate breakfast while watching Trev and HP work concrete.Thanks dad! The rest of the day was filled with quad rides, jumping on the tramp and playing with the neighbors. But before they could head back down the mountain mom and I had to make a run to Lowe's to pick Eda up a Weeping Willow. Eda's been wanting a willow for a long time but can't find one in Mesa,probably because it's hotter than blazes down there, but never the less, we were off to get her her tree! Not all that interesting of a story until you realize that mom and dad drove their highlander up...So we through that tree inside their car with its branches in HP's face and they drove that little guy ALL the way down to his new home!
Thanks Corinne and Maddy for such a fun time! Thanks mom and dad for bringing them up, and thanks Nat and Eda for letting them come. We love you girls and are so thankful for you! Nat and Eda, you are doing such a wonderful job raising such lovely little ladies! I had such a fun time showing them off! Thanks so much

Corinne, Tate and Brooks. Corinne took quite the beating!

HP and me

Maddy and her newest addition to her rock collection!

we put helmets on...promise

Thanks Brandon for the barrels!


The Three Little Hatchlings said...

Sounds like so much fun Annie. I need to come hang out at your house. It is always a happening place.

Kunz Family said...

you look beautiful!! as always. have fun in mexico. we are going to havasupai this weekend, so hopefully it will be fun!