Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daxton Douglas Kunz

My sweet friend Brittany lost her little baby boy this week. He was our Brooks age. My heart is so full for her. As we talk last night, I wanted to reassure her of our Heavenly Father's plan. But the horror of such a loss overwhelmed me. I wish that I was a stronger person, I wish that I could carry her through this time of such catastrophic loss and sadness. But I can't. No one can, no one expect our Father in Heaven. So I prayed, and I continue to pray, as well as a multitude of loved ones, for her and her little family. Brittany, I love you. Our Father in Heaven loves you. I know that he sent His son to die for us so that we can live again. I know that we will live forever as complete families forever. I know that He knows your loss. He knows your sorrows. He will bless you with comfort and peace. You have so many people who love and care for you. Daxton is yours forever and for always. WE are promised that we will have the blessing of raising our children who have passed before us. Joseph Smith taught that the infant child who has been laid away in death will come up in the resurrection as a child; he said that you will have the joy , the pleasure and satisfaction of nurturing your child, after his resurrection, until he reaches the full stature of his spirit. He waits for you my sweet friend. You will not miss a moment of his spiritual progression. He is safe, and whole.
We will miss you sweet Daxton. You are loved and thought of. May our Father in Heaven keep you and your sweet little family in the hollow of His hand.


Matt and Brianna said...

Hi Annie-
It's me, Brianna (Blair). I am so so so sad for poor sweet Brittany. My little boy is 17 months old and I cannot even begin to fathom what greif and sorrow she is experiencing. I hope to go to the funeral, but I'm afraid it might not work out...Please tell her she is in my prayers. I loved what you wrote about eternal families. Thank you.

Brianna Allen

Laura said...

Wow Annie. She is lucky to have you. That sweet family will be in our prayers as well. I cannot imagine that kind of loss. I will pray she feels the comfort she needs.
Love you!

The Three Little Hatchlings said...

Annie, You are so sweet. Those comments were good to read. It puts everything into perspective. The trials I have are small in comparison. Thanks for sharing that. You are a good friend.