Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Feed me Seymour!"

Don't you ever wish that you could eat like this??!!
Seriously, one of these days when everyone is gone, i'm hittin'
Dairy Queen, for a blizzard the size of my head, Sonic, for a bucket of mozzarella stickes, El Cupido's for a beef burro enchilada style with green sauce, and Circle K for a jug of DIET coke. i'm going to bring it all home, lay a tarp down on the floor up stairs and watch MTV (or anyother filth i can find on) and have an evening of guttony.
hee hee
Anyone else hungry today?
i guess i am! i think that i've been starving for a good two weeks now.Not from lack of food though, i've eaten enough to sustain a village for a solid year, i think that my internal hunger gauge is stuck on empty. You know, like when you're driving on old car and you think you have plenty of gas, but then you tap on the plastic that covers the gauges and you suddenly realize that you're on empty and you've been running REALY hot for a long time now? Not that thats ever happened to High a nova...sorry dad.
i wish i could tap on my noggin and have my hunger gauge read that i'm as full as i should be. but until then i'll just have to have some self control and enjoy watching brooks eat!


Eric and Addie said...

Way to go with the self control. Mine got lost somewhere back down the road and I have been stuffing my self like its going out of style. Pass some of your decipline over my way so I can get myself under control.

The Bostock Fam said...

OH the nova! hahah I hear you about the hungry thing. I will come and be your partner in eating crime anytime! :) I hate when I am hungry and just searching the house and NOTHING sounds or LOOKs good but I am starving.

the larson girls said...

Well where is my chocolate lush??? I sure could use some right about now! Thanks for bringing by the twins flowers. You are so thoughtful:) Always there.....Always there! Thanks!!!

The Three Little Hatchlings said...

I hear ya on that one Annie. I am ALWAYS hungry no matter what. But I do not have any self control.

Laura said...

Love you Miss you thought you should know!