Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pics for the Brothers

I guess they call us the White Mountains for a reason...Brooks and I got to just look at the white stuff, I've been sick. But Porter went out and had a blast in it with some neighborhood kids. Trever brought home a back hoe from work to help dig out the neighborhood and build a fort for the boys to play on. The first picture is down the lane that I walk in the summer time. I thought it looked awsome with all the trees so heavy with snow. Fun stuff!


Laura said...

That in no way looks fun to me...pretty heck yes..fun...NO! Too cold! Sean would have done the same with a backhoe but only if it had heat..apparently our little family doesn't do cold well...all of our snow melted already! You guys got TONS! Yes please please move in with us! Love you!

Laura said...

P.S. Hope you feel better!

Morgan and Lauren said...

holy cow annie!! thats a lot of snow! i have to say...that picture of brooks is ADORABLE! it reminds me of someone i know...looking out the window...watching all the kids play outside...:)