Monday, January 28, 2008

The River Runs Through It

It's been raining all over the state and there has been lots of flooding and our little town was no exception. This is a picture of Show Low Creek. The water, if there is any, is usually about 10 feet below the highway and the bridge! The other pictures are up by Show Low Lake's spill way, it's what feeds the creek, it then runs into Fools Hollow. SO cool! There were people lining the bridge taking pictures of all the water! I love Show Low! It doesn't take much to get us all exited!


Brett and Angela Larson said...

HOLY HOLY CCCCRRRRAAAAPPP! That is crazy...All these mormons praying for rain!

Morgan and Lauren said...

and boy does it run through it!! and i thought we were getting lots of rain...thats crazy annie!! don't get swept away okay??

Kendyl said...

sweet!! those are awesome, everytime i drive by you and you are with your hubby, i SWEAR you always have a blizzard! mmm you've got me craving one now!