Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tagged... I Need to Run Faster

Angela tagged me and while I was contemplating if I was going to ignore her or not...Hee Hee...she did my tag, and it was a hard one, so I'll do hers. But when does this vicious circle end???
Alright Just 7 Wierd or odd things about me...Easy
1.I'm afraid of the Dark...seriously, I won't stand at the edge of my bed if the lights are off. It freaks me out.
2.I've been pregnant 6 times in 7 years.
3.I struggle with Social Axiety. I have a hard time with crowds, good thing I'm a bit of a "homebody"
4.I love to paint baseboards in my pj's.
5.I'm the bomb at driving 5 speeds.
6.I love Brooks stinky breath.
7.I don't mind folding laundry, I just hate putting the clothes from the washer to the drier.


Laura said...

Im not quite sure if you are aware of how much I just LOVE your guts! Seriously! I just now saw this...what a loser I am! Anyway number two makes me so sad. But number 7 and number 3 are SOOOOO me! I can't tell you how much laundry I have to start over its like a regular thing around her I need to get off my lazy butt...
Love you Mean it! We start framing tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

Caitlin said...

Hey Annie, I stumbled upon your blog. Adorable of course. I am just the opposite about the laundry. I hate folding clothes. But I do love babies stinky breath. Anyways I hope all is going well. You do SO FINE in crowds. I would have never known.