Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matt's gettin Hitched

I know, i know, your thinking she's way too cute for him...
(just kidding Buba)
You all will be getting your announcements soon,
if your family, for the rest of you, enjoy the pic of two cute kids.
We are so exited to be getting another amazing sister-in-law, and wish these two love birds all the best.


Laura Smith said...

TWO things...
#1 SO CUTE! Congrats to them!!!
#2 HECK YEAH a new post!
ok three
#3 There is going to be a wedding that means we get to see each other AND eat CAKE! WOOHOOO!!!!

Laura Smith said...

Ok so maybe that was like 4 things after all! And dont ya wish we had some sort of code to know if the other was awake at night? So can't wait to get a coke! That picture in my head made me laugh! Mostly because I'm so crappy at riding that thing....I think we should plan on stitches then having the guys take us for a coke! I LOVE YOU!
I'll just be sitting over here waiting for your next post! If I say I'll hold my breath does it motivate you?

Laura Smith said...

Is three comments in one day bad? Or sad? Anyway I see now that you want to get a coke with Sean! Thats probably safer!! :) Really Sean pointed it out and said "She wants to get a Coke with ME!" So there ya go! Why dont you two just go get a coke already!