Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Boys Got Their Toys

Alright, alright, we made a few purchases... But before you start thinking we're cool, let me explain that notion right out of your head. These are the boys'(trever included) Christmas and Birthday presents until they are very old men. I'm so not kidding about this... I'm going out in our garage Christmas Eve and putting bows on them, then again for each of their birthdays. I'm going to milk this for all it's worth!
Tate got a little Quad. It needed a bit of TLC, so thanks to Uncle Tyson,it is purring like a kitten, or barking like a dog, either way, it's running. Now they both have their own set of wheels

Porter got a Yamaha 50, I say Porter but I mean me. I love this wee bit o' bike! I'm quite certain the neighbors are laughing their heads off at me, but I'm good with that. Last but not least, Trever got a Honda 250 Recon. It's perfect for taking little boys for rides in the woods and scouting for animals.

We're all about safety first around here!! This is Tate in all his gear. The guy we bought the bikes from through in the helmits, riding pants, shirts and boots. Sure beats pillows and ropes!


Laura Smith said...

That was pretty close can only hold my breath for so long....YAY for BOYS and their TOYS!!! How exciting that they get so celebrate so many events NOW AND as they arrive later! They are lucky and so are you! Shopping made easy and ONCE a year! How fantastic! Um although I LOVE your post I was hoping to see some shots of YOU riding Porter's new toy......! I think we SHOULD start a motorcycle gang! I just love you! I can't wait to show Sean this post he will be wanting to bring "50" up to hang out and of course Callie and I will have to come along! We can talk about our gang rules and stuff!

Morgan and Lauren said...

i love it!!! i love tyson in his chair chasing taters haha ALSO your house with the hay and pumpkins look AWESOME! I LOVE YOU!!!

Erica said...

So good to see a new post. Looks like a great place to live. Your boys are so cute! What fun toys.