Wednesday, May 18, 2011

StoryTime... with Emery and Bridger Beau

"I wonder what story she will tell tonight"

"Oh! I like this one"

"I think this is the one with the dragon"

"I hope it's not too scary"

"It is! It's the one with the dragon!"

"and then what happened?"

"Stop! Pause for dramatic affect"

"this better have a good ending, toots!"

"What a story! I'm pooped..."

Good night kisses and off to bed!

LOVE you Em!


Laura said...

Those kiddos are SO dang cute! Owen had the shirt Bridger has on and Callie had the shirt Emery had on...I think they are missing us!

Jeni said...

I miss your posts! Summer time can get pretty crazy though. If you get a second, send me your email address. I must have an old one. Enjoy the last precious weeks of summer with your boys. I am about having a heart attack of dread sending Will to Kindergarten. How do you do it?! Love you!!