Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This TaG looked fun from YayA...

4 Shows i watch...
*Glee (same as YayA)
*anything with "Real Housewives" in the beginning of it
*Desperate Housewives (Trever actually watches it, i just keep him company)
*Masterpiece Theater (even if most of them make he cry so hard i wake trev up sleep next to me)

4 Things i am Passionate About...
*my faith
*my family
*my home
*ugly bug quilt co.

4 Phrases i say a lot...
*what the!!??
*don't do it, hannah! ("hannah" is anyone that may be standing in front of you)
*little bits (thanks to morgan)
*dane it! (you have to hear brook's little voice say it that way!)

4 Things i have learned from the past...
*love your babies with every bit of you
*it'll get worse before it gets better
*don't sweat the little things, and sometimes even the big ones
*it's easier to change me than the change anyone else

4 Things i did yesterday...
*changed the sheets
*got a coke
*nursed my Bboy ALL day... poor guy's not feeling so hot

4 Places i would love to visit...
*Anywhere South of the Border on the coast
*The East Coast in the Fall

4 Things i am looking Forward to...
*5 o'clock! that's when Trev gets home
*To sit in the Temple with ALL my boys around me
*Next weekend when I get to go to my "other home"
*A year from now! When i get my braces off and my teeth are super pretty!

4 Things i love about Winter...
*The fire in the wood stove
*Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on a cold evening
4 Peeps to TaG...
*Courtney (since you haven't done yours yet)
*My Laura


Morgan Lauren & Emery said...

very nice sister! give that Bboy a big hug and kiss for me! one more week and I can do it myself!! can't wait

Laura said...

Um ok...first lets go to the east coast in the fall TOGETHER! Second you have braces? I'm so jealous...also why didn't I know that. Third my O says Dane it too...little stinker! I had more but...I forgot! Love you mean it! MIss you soooooooooooo much! Oh and poor sick baby...I have one of those too although thankfully NOT attached to my know since he is almost two and the same size as his sister! Thats it love you bye!

Alisha-aka skeezie said...

Yeah for tagging me. I will do it soon...gotta unwind from our trip to the in-laws. 18 hours in a car in 3 days SUCKS! Can't wait to come stay with you!!!! L ove ya