Monday, May 24, 2010

Bridger Beau Lewis

At 6:16 am on May19th, Bridger Beau joined his brothers as a Lewis.
His story is an awesome one.
Not for it's twists and turns or dramatic unfolding, but for it's calm and serenity.
It was truly an honor to have him.
I have rarely felt as close to heaven. He has a different spirit about him.
He has a sense of wisdom.
I know that sounds silly to some, but to me, it fits him.
I can not express the gratitude I feel toward my Heavenly Father for him.
Bridger was welcomed into this world by his father, both his Grandfathers, and both of his Grandmothers... (and almost two of his aunts;)
and as we waited for him to arrive we chatted about the family who were there we could not see but only feel.
How loved he is! How loved we all are. Our families are sealed together in such a tight and everlasting way.
How blessed we are.
Here are some pictures of our little man.
Enjoy them
I have
Waiting... waiting...
Worth every moment

Daddy and his boy

The grandpas first look

Take us home daddy

Tate and Bridger
Porter and Bridger
Brooks and Bridger

Daddy and Bridger

The Brothers Lewis
Thank you, Thank you, for all the help our little family has been given!
Thank you mom and dad Lewis for your love and time.
Eda and Yaya for trying SO hard to be here for him, and loving on our Brooks when he needed it so badly.
Thank you Marci for waking up so very early and sitting with our boys.
Thank you mom and dad for staying with us, loving us, and helping us when we so desperately needed it.
Thank you Porter, Tate, and Brooks for being the awesome big brothers that you are!
Thank you to our sweet family and dear friends for all the prayers, love and FOOD that has been given in our behalf.
Thank you Wendy, for delivering yet another healthy and strong boy into our family, and Sheri, our amazing nurse, who i will forever be grateful for.
Thank you Trever, for giving me another perfect little person, whom I could not love more.
Thank you to my Father in Heaven for Blessing me so greatly, that I stand amazed at His kindness.


Morgan Lauren & Emery said...

oh sister...i love you! and i love your little family so much...can't wait to see you all thursday!!! emery is practicing "bridger" :) WE LOVE YOU!!!

Laura said...

How sweet. How wonderful. I love it! I love you and all those sweet boys! I cannot wait to meet your Bridger and give you a big hug and get all teary and sappy! Because thats how we do!
Loves and so much congrats from me!

Kristina said...

Congratulations Annie & Co.! He is beautiful. Glad everything went so well.

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Congrats! I am glad that everything went smoothly. Your little family of all boys makes me picture how my family will be someday...and I love it!! He is a cutie. I hope everything goes well. CONGRATS!!!

The Baum Squad said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to meet him.

Orin, Minette and Sadie Packard said...

Congrats! He is such a cute little blessing from heaven! :) My mom and I were going to come over to see all of you but she got sick...but if she doesn't get better soon then she is going to have to go on her own cause I can't wait much longer to see little Bridger! Love you all and hopefully we will see you soon! If you need anything, just text me! Loves!

mama bear said...

Congrats Annie...what a sweet blessing for you and your family! He was born on Dennis's birthday--a great day to have a baby.

Jeni said...

What a beautiful boy. (Jeff gets after me when I use the word beautiful to describe our boys, but sometimes, that's the only word that will fit). I love that you have all boys. What a fun family to go camping with!! When you guys are up to a camping trip in Bryce Canyon...give me a call! Love you and good work. He's a beauty. :)

Lis said...

The tears are streaming down my face! What a perfect little man! I so can't wait to hold him and love on him... soon... very soon... I'll be calling you and invading your privacy very soon! :) Love you! Nice work you guys!