Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day!

I just love these little men!
We had a really eventful Labor Day weekend, Trev took off work on Friday so we could have some "family time" and what a time we had!
We started off with a morning trip with mom and dad Lewis and Liam. We found ourselves some water and rocks towards Globe (in a undisclosed location;) The boys had a blast, and we enjoyed the company. Isn't it amazing how little boys can be totally entertained for hours on end with just some rocks and a little bit of water!!?? I love it! Trever and his mommy
Our brookers!

Trever and his Annie

We got home from our outing to find Nat and Eda and SiX of the cutest little girls in the whole wide world! (the addition of Nat's rockin' nieces) Then followed by Morgan, Yaya and Emery, and then by Thosy and Dave! Most everyone bailed by Saturday, but we enjoyed every smidgen of our time with them! We were also consoled by the Pew fam who got to stay till Sunday. (hopefully we'll have some pics soon of our adventures with them:)

We finished up the weekend with the Lewis family, and a barbecue at our little casa! Man, I'm getting tired again from just writing it all!! We have been blessed with amazing family so close to us, and I LoVe you all so Very Very VerY VERY much!


Laura said...

Looks like a MUCH needed relaxing time!!! I LOVE you! Oh and those boys too!

Matthew and Courtney said...

Jealous that I was not there to join in on the fun. Miss you! Love you@