Sunday, January 18, 2009

And They'll Live Happily Ever After...

We had the privilege of giving my grandma away this weekend! No, not to DI or anything like BOB! And can i just take a moment and say, "It's About Time!" These two love birds were out of this world crazy for each other! While it was too cute to watch, I'm giddy about my grandma being so stink'n happy! She deserves every little smidgen of happiness. She has care for and watch over so many of our loved ones, and now she is being cared for and watch over. They had the sweetest of ceremonies on Saturday afternoon, twice as many people showed then we had planned for. We had chairs lining the walls and in the isles. Were there ever two people loved so greatly!!??

My congrats to Grandma and her Bob! We wish you both the greatest happiness!

Aren't they just the cutest!

Just enjoying the party!

What a couple of hoodlums! Where are your parents??!!

The cutest bunch of Kiddoes you'll ever have the pleasure to meet!


becky lee said...

Annie~~You are the cutest thing! I loved seeing you at Aunt LaPreal's wedding. Boy, was that the longest after-ceremony kiss ever, or what? We are all so happy for her and Bob. Hey, it was so great seeing you and Reed visiting. You have the cutest boys (I had no idea you had all boys!) and he has the cutest girl! I love that little gal of his and Jannie's so much..what a doll she is. I had lunch today with Alyce Huber and she told me how to get to your blog, that Heather had found it, so that makes me happy. Again~~~you are wonderful, cute, happy, I love you, and it was so good to see you.


Laura said...

Oh they look SO happy! I'm so happy for her! You are beautiful my dear!!! Love YOU!

Laura said...

Hey Me again! I know you missed won a blog award for being TOTALLY awsome! Go to my blog for details! MUAH!

Katy said...

wow! I remember their first "date"! Give them my congratulations will ya! I love your family... we miss you ALL!