Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quite the Celebrity..

Our Porter Boy was in the news paper last week! He's been playing football this Fall and has LOVED it.Although, I must confess, having to watch as my little guy gets tackled, shoved, bulldozed, and sacked again and again has been quite the white knuckle experience for his ol' mom. But despite the occasional charging of the field and continual outbursts I've done my best to be a supportive mother and not an overbearing one. Well Done Porter Boy!!!! Know your mommy loves you and thinks you're the best little... oh! I mean... big, very BIG football player in the whole world! GO NUMBER TWO!!!


Laura said...

Go Porter! Totally a celebrity and as of now my most favorite football player EVER!!! So proud!

Morgan and Lauren said...

yay Porter Boy!!!