Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pilgrams and Indians

Or maybe...Lewis's and Apache...Lake that is. The Lewis family broke the mold for Thanksgiving this year and took off for the lake! The family met at Apache Thursday morning (everyone except Cassi and her boys, who were missed greatly) and the feasting began. Charlie spared a turkey and cooked us crab legs and steaks for dinner, we had "snickers and cool whip salad" instead of stuffing, but maintained a bit of tradition with pumpkin pie for desert. The food was delicious, the weather ideal, and the company delightful!

We camped right at the edge of the lake so despite it being a bit chilly the boys couldn't stay out of the water, they just ran a muck! We had such a nice little holiday and am so thankful for our little family. We have been truly enjoy the pictures while i go get started on all the laundry!
Porter being a monkey

Uncle Ty and his Bit O' Buddie Brooks

At least they kept their undies on!!


Laura Smith said...

You are so cute! Looks like FUN! And sounds delicious!

Erica said...

sounds like a really fun weekend!

Mark and Leslie said...

Wow sounds like an awesome time! Where did you get your flippin cute template???

Laura Smith said...

Nice dream you crazy! I almost laughed out loud as I was reading about it on Leslie's comments I was picturing Mark dressed in your clothes....thats really fun! I think that he should try it!

Laura Smith said... me your address pretty please....I only have the old! THANK YOU!