Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brooks Blessing

Brooks Harold Lewis was blessed on June 3rd, he was six weeks old. Trever blessed him at our home in ShowLow. It was a beautiful blessing, and such a wonderful day!We are so blessed to have so much family who love and support us!

Brooks wasn't too exited about getting dressed, but calmed down for the blessing.
Thick as Theives!! Olivia, Isabella,
Tate, and Liam
Best friends and cousins. How
grandma got them to stay still for
a picture, i have no clue, they all
play so well and love
to be together.
After the blessing Papa H.P. holding Brooks,
his favoite place to be!


Morgan and Lauren said...

GAH!!!! I LOVE IT!!! bravo!! i love that i'm related to all those beautiful people...

Laura Smith said...

SHUT UP! Annie and Trevor have a blog! I couldn't be happier!!! I'm so excited! Look at little Brooks! HOLY MOLY I MISS YOU!!!!!!

leslie said...

Look at all the Porter clan blogging away!This is so fun, welcome!!! How are you doing with 3 little ones? Your boys are too cute! And you look beautiful! Im excited to keep up with your family!

Laura Smith said...
Thats us!!! Love you!!!

Donnie And Donita said...

I really enjoy sitting down at the computer and keeping track of all me nieces and nephews! I had to have someone teach me how to leave comments, so I apologize to the rest of you. I look at your blogs honest!

Ami Bethea said...

Hey Annie! This is Ami Bethea (Cook). I found you through Leslie's blog. I don't think I've seen you since Sunni's house getting my hair done and you came over. Your boys are so adorable! You look way too good in all your hospital pictures, you're gorgeous! I hope you don't mind me looking at your blog, it's great to see you. My blog is

Porter Family said...

Yea! I love seeing what is new with your family! It was fun to see you while we were visiting! loves.

The Bostock Fam said...

ok annie look how cute your fam is! you guys rock! It is so good to see familiar people.

Rachel bradshaw-bostock